What Are The Key Technologies Of Integrated Navigation System

In essence, integrated navigation system is an integrated and optimized fusion system of multi-sensor and multi-source navigation information, and its key technology is information fusion and processing [2].New data processing methods, especially the application of Kalman filtering (see waveform estimation), are key to the generation of integrated navigation.Through the equation of motion and the measurement equation, Kalman filter not only considers the current measured parameter value, but also makes full use of the past measured parameter value. Based on the latter, the current due parameter value is deduced, and the former is corrected, so as to obtain the best estimation of the current parameter value.When multiple subsystems participate in the combination, the concept of state vectors can be used.In general, taking the error itself as the state vector is not the best estimate of velocity and azimuth itself, but the best estimate of velocity error and azimuth error, etc.Subtracting this estimate from the actual measured velocity and azimuth gives the velocity and azimuth of this moment and the like.In fact, integrated navigation is centered on the computer, which integrates and optimizes the information sent by each navigation sensor, and then displays it comprehensively

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What Are The Key Technologies Of Integrated Navigation System
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