What are the Characteristics of Inertial Navigation?

The error accumulates with time and distance

We need initial information

Expensive and cumbersome

Full autonomy and high reliability (military and aerospace)

Navigation information is complete and continuous

Errors in the INERTIAL navigation system are cumulative over time.Therefore, the INERTIAL navigation system can only maintain high precision for a short time, but the inertial navigation system can provide the attitude information (yaw Angle, pitch Angle and roll Angle) of the carrier throughout the whole journey.Therefore, the system of “integrated navigation” is usually adopted in the navigation task of long distance and long voyage.The length (bounded error) of other navigation systems is used to make up the short (unbounded error) of inertial navigation system.It also makes up for the shortcoming of other navigation systems (which cannot provide attitude information) with the advantage of inertial navigation system (which can provide full attitude information).

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