The Value of Intelligent Industry

The foundation of industrialization is automation, automation field has developed for nearly 100 years, theory and practice have been very perfect.Especially with the continuous rise of modern large-scale industrial production automation and increasingly complex process control requirements of the operation of DCS control system is the product of computer technology, system control technology, network communication technology and multimedia technology.The concept of DCS is decentralized control and centralized management.Although the automatic devices are all connected to the Internet, they can monitor information in the control center and be centrally managed by operators.But the level of operator determines the degree of optimization of the whole system.Experienced operators can optimize production, while inexperienced operators only ensure the safety of production.Is there any way to achieve decentralized control and centralized management?It is necessary to find the optimal control method through the Internet of things based on all monitoring information and through analysis and optimization technology, which is what the Internet of things can bring to the DCS control system.

In the early stage of IT information development, its information service object is mainly people, and its main problem is to solve the problem of information island.When the problem of information island serving people is solved, it is necessary to solve the problem of information island in a larger scope.It is to get through the information between things and people.After obtaining the information, people can judge and make decisions based on the information so as to trigger the next operation.However, due to individual differences, different people make different decisions for the same information. How to get the optimal decision from the information?In addition, “things” can’t make decisions when they get information. How can they make decisions when they get information?Intelligent analysis and optimization technology is a means to solve this problem. After obtaining information, it can make the most rapid decisions based on historical experience and theoretical models.Data analysis and optimization technology has a strong demand in the industrialization and informatization of the integration of the two industries.

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