The Two Most Basic Characteristics of the Gyroscope

The two most basic characteristics of the gyroscope are its axising and precessibility. Any object that rotates at high speed around its own axis of symmetry can be called a gyro, and the gyro has a special rotation law. Figure 1 is a toy top. How to make it stand upright on a smooth desktop? In fact, just rotate it around the vertical axis (gravity direction). At this time, if the table is tilted, it will be found that the direction of the gyro axis remains unchanged, as shown in Fig. 1(a), which is the yaw’s fixed axis. If the initial direction of the shaft is not strictly vertical, but an angle away from the direction of gravity, we find that the gyro shaft will move on a conical surface with the axis of gravity as the axis, Figure 1(b), instead of a rigid body that does not rotate. Falling down under the force of gravity, this is the precession of the gyro. The yaw’s fixed axis and precession are collectively referred to as the gyro effect.

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