The Function of the Theodolite

When measuring, the theodolite is placed on the three foot rack. The center of the instrument is aligned to the ground measuring station with the vertical ball or optical point counter. The instrument is leveled by the level theodolite, and the target is measured by telescope. The horizontal angle and vertical angle are measured by horizontal dial and vertical dial. According to the accuracy, it can be divided into precise theodolite and ordinary theodolite. According to the reading equipment, it can be divided into optical theodolite and vernier theodolite. According to the shafting structure, it can be divided into the re measuring theodolite and the direction theodolite. In addition, it can automatically according to the records of the circle reading perforation encoding encoding dial theodolite; automatic tracking theodolite continuous automatic aiming target; the principle of rapid determination of gyro orientation independent point range of gyro theodolite and laser theodolite; with theodolite, transit and the role of the three for the zenith telescope astronomical theodolite; combination of camera and theodolite together for photographic Theodolite for measuring ground photography.

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