The Function of the Anti-UAV Defense System

“Electronic fence”, “UAV cloud system” and “detection and countermeasure” are three important technical means of UAV surveillance. In general, the regular UAV manufacturers will be set out in the UAV within the “electronic fence” limited flight area, at the same time, the UAV player needs to be “Civil Aviation Administration of China UAV real name registration system,” the real name Register, and access “UAV cloud system.” Unmanned access to the system automatically upload real-time flight data, “UAV cloud system” intrusion “electronic fence” UAV alarm function, prompting drones to leave the area. Therefore, a law-abiding UAV will not appear in a clear-cut protected area that affects the safety of aviation flights. However, if the UAV breaks through the two defenses of “electronic fence” and “UAV cloud system” and becomes the “Black Fly” UAV that challenges the social order, then the Anti-UAV defense system is to protect the headroom an important defense.

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“Defense detection and early warning system” with 24-hour non-stop all-weather detection and optical tracking function, by receiving UAV map and remote control signals, to achieve a variety of models UAV and model rapid detection and positioning. UAV jamming systems can force Black Flight UAVs to land and land by signal suppression. The technicians said: Currently, the radio interference technology used in the UAV countermeasure technology also requires all parties to continue in-depth research, assessment and verification. During the use, care must be taken not to affect the normal use of other communication equipment devices.

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