The Function of Electronic Compass

Electronic compasses can be divided into flat electronic compasses and three-dimensional electronic compasses. The flat electronic compass requires the user to maintain the level of the compass when using it. Otherwise, when the compass is tilted, the heading change will be given and the heading does not change. Although the flat electronic compass is very demanding in use, if the carrier attached to the compass is always horizontal, the flat compass is a good price-performance option. The three-dimensional electronic compass overcomes the strict limitation of the use of the planar electronic compass, because the three-dimensional electronic compass adds a tilt sensor inside it, and the tilt can be compensated for the compass if the electronic compass is tilted, so that the heading data is accurate even if the compass is tilted. Nothing wrong. Sometimes in order to overcome the temperature drift, the compass can also be built-in temperature compensation to minimize the temperature drift of the tilt angle and the pointing angle.

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