The Difference between Inverter and UPS

Inverter is used to control the power control equipment of ac motor by changing the power frequency of the motor. The converter mainly consists of rectifier (alternating current), filter, inverter (dc change ac), brake unit, driving unit, and unit microprocessing unit. Internal IGBT inverter on the open circuit to adjust the output of the power supply voltage and frequency, based on the actual needs of the motor to provide the needed power supply voltage, thus achieve the goal of energy saving and speed, in addition, the protection of the inverter and there are many functions, such as over-current, over-voltage protection, overload protection, etc. With the increasing degree of industrial automation, the frequency converter has been widely used.

The uninterruptible power supply is an ac power that contains the energy storage device, which is the main component of the rectifier and inverter. Mainly used batteries and other energy storage device in power failure to the computer/server, storage equipment, network equipment such as computers, communications network systems or industrial control system, need continuous operation of industrial equipment, such as the provision of uninterrupted power supply. When the market power input is normal, UPS supplies the market voltage to the load. At this time, UPS is an ac voltage regulator, and it also charges energy storage devices like battery packs. When mains interruption (forced outage), UPS will immediately energy storage device (such as battery or the flywheel energy storage system of electricity, to continue to supply the ac load by using the method of inverter transformation, makes load maintain normal work.

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