The difference between DC motor and AC motor

DC motor for the benefits of in terms of the speed is simpler, can control the size of the voltage has control of speed, can regulate the armature voltage, series resistance in the armature, excitation circuit of series resistance. But such motor should not be in the operating conditions such as high temperature, flammable, and due to the need to carbon brush motor parts as current converter (brush motor), so need to regular cleaning brush friction generated by dirt.


AC motor is just the opposite. AC motor has simple structure, small inertia, maintenance is convenient, can run in the bad environment, easy to realize large capacity, high pressure, high speed, and low cost. But in the speed is more difficult, because the control of AC motor speed to control the frequency of the alternating current (or the use of induction motor, with increased internal resistance in the same down the frequency of the alternating current motor speed), control the voltage affects only the motor torque.General civil motor voltage of 110 v and 220 v two kinds, such as in industrial applications and 380 v or 440 v type.

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