The develpment of UAV

The official name for a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled primarily by remote control or with built-in intelligence controls. The UAV is one of the best examples of how to integrate functions such as embedded systems, appliance navigation, self-balancing and the like to fly to a specific altitude while exchanging information with remotely located users or machines.


Traditionally, UAVs are commonplace in defense and science applications such as in-depth remote areas, surveillance, weather detection or delivery to harsh areas. Recently due to the low-cost micro-low-power embedded technology come out, UAV is gradually being used in consumer applications. UAVs have now become toys, photographic aids, delivery vehicles containing pesticides, and more.

UAVs have attracted a great deal of interest from a variety of people, including innovative businesses, students, systems integrators, solution providers, e-commerce providers and technology providers. Drones make human life better, safer and more efficient. Significant advances in sensors with low-power network connectivity are the key to the recent rapid growth of UAVs.

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