The Defination and Application of DTG

Thedynamic tuned gyroscope is a gyroscope that is supported by a flexible joint composed of two pairs of orthogonal torsion bars and a balance ring frame through a gyro rotor. The negative elastic moment generated by the dynamic effect cancels out the positive elastic moment of the elastic torsion bar, so that the rotor is in a free rotor state without torque, which improves the accuracy of the gyroscope.

It has been used in water surface, land strapping, fast north finder, TV antenna tracker, and is widely used in space aeronautical strapdown inertial navigation system, and can also be used in the attitude system of high dynamic carrier.

Dynamically-tuned gyroscopes can be used in strap-down and platform attitude systems for ground, offshore, aerospace, and space vehicles.

In the field of drilling, the application of inertial devices is more technically demanding and more adaptable than the field of flight because of its harsh working conditions, high ambient temperature, temperature adaptation and life expectancy. Very demanding, more precise power-tuned gyroscope designed for logging situations, overcoming the above technical difficulties, operating at temperatures up to 100 ° C.

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