The construction principle of Beidou satellite navigation system

The construction and development of Beidou satellite navigation system is based on application promotion and industrial development. It is necessary not only to build a system, but also to use the system, emphasizing quality, safety, application and efficiency, and following the following construction principles:

1. Openness. The construction, development and application of Beidou satellite navigation system will be open to the whole world, provide high-quality free services to users all over the world, and actively carry out extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world to promote compatibility and interoperability among satellite navigation systems. Promote the development of satellite navigation technology and industry.

2. Autonomy. China will independently build and operate the Beidou satellite navigation system, and the Beidou satellite navigation system can independently provide services to users around the world.


Beidou satellite navigation system

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