The Connotation of Industry 4.0

The “Industry 4.0” concept encompasses a fundamental shift from centralized control to decentralized enhanced control with the goal of creating a highly flexible, personalized and digital production model for products and services. In this model, traditional industry boundaries will disappear and new forms of activity and forms of cooperation will emerge. The process of creating new value is changing and the division of industry chain will be reorganized.

“Industry 4.0 provides Germany with an opportunity to further strengthen its position as a manufacturing base, production equipment supplier and IT business solution provider.” Professor Henning Kagermann, Dean of the German Academy of Engineering, commented on Industry 4.0.

German academics and industry believe that the “Industry 4.0” concept is the fourth industrial revolution dominated by intelligent manufacturing, or a revolutionary production method. The strategy aims to transform manufacturing into an intelligent enterprise by leveraging the combination of ICT and the cyberspace virtual system, the Cyber-Physical System. [3]

The “Industry 4.0” project is divided into three main themes:

The first is “smart factory”, focusing on the intelligent production system and process, and the realization of networked distributed production facilities;

The second is “intelligent production”, which mainly involves production logistics management, human-computer interaction and application of 3D technology in industrial production. The program will pay special attention to attracting SMEs to participate, and strive to make SMEs users and beneficiaries of the next generation of intelligent production technology, and also become the creators and suppliers of advanced industrial production technology;

The third is “smart logistics”, which mainly integrates logistics resources through the Internet, Internet of Things, and logistics network, and gives full play to the efficiency of existing logistics resource suppliers. On the demand side, it can quickly obtain service matching and obtain logistics support.

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