The composition and principle of gyroscopes

Basically, a gyroscope is a mechanical device, and its main part is a rotor that rotates at a high angular velocity on a rotating shaft, and the rotor is mounted in a bracket. By adding an inner ring frame to the central axis of the rotor, the gyroscope can be used for the free movement of the two axes of the aircraft. Then, an outer ring frame is added outside the inner ring frame; The gyroscope has two balance rings, which can be used as a free movement around the three axes of a plane, which is a complete space gyroscope.

The principle of a gyroscope is that the direction of rotation of a rotating object does not change when it is not affected by external forces. People use it to keep the direction, and the things that are made are called gyroscopes. The gyroscope gives it a force at work, so it spins quickly, usually reaching hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute, and can work for a long time. Then the direction indicated by the axis is read in a variety of ways, and the data signal is automatically transmitted to the control system.

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