The Advantage of INS

The inertial assembly is fixed to the carrier, and the gyro and accelerometer directly bear the motion of the carrier (including the vibration), so the dynamic error of the strapdown system is larger than the dynamic error of the platform system, and the reliability and impact resistance of the sensitive device The requirements are relatively high. Compared with flexible gyros, fiber optic gyroscope applications have more outstanding advantages in the strapdown system.

Since the inertial meter is directly connected to the carrier, the electromechanical navigation platform is omitted, which brings many advantages to the system:

1. The volume, weight and cost of the whole system are greatly reduced. Usually gyroscopes and accelerometers only account for 1/7 of the navigation platform;

2. Inertial instrument is easy to install and maintain, easy to replace;

3. The inertial meter can give axial linear acceleration and angular velocity, which is required by the control system. Compared to the flat desktop system, the strapdown system can provide more navigation and guidance information;

4. Inertial instrument facilitates the use of redundancy configuration to improve system performance and reliability;

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