Single Freedom Degree Liquid Floated Gyroscope

5.Output bearing: Consists of a pair of pivot bearing mounted on the float assembly and a pair of jewel bearing with concentric mounted on the shell(or end cover).The pivot bearing and gemstone bearing are made out of special material,and require wear resistance,high hardness,low friction coefficient and shock resisitance. Magnetic suspension support can also be used at the same time.It can use electromagnetic force to position float in the support center.

6.Shell component: Providing sealed liquid float environment and temperature control components.

7.Floating fluid: generally,It is a high-density liquid with a certain viscosity,providing suspension,damping,anti-virbration and heat tansfer,etc.commonly,it is composed of chlorofluorine oil,bromine oill and silicon oil.

8.balance mechanism: the net force and resultant moment of the float are all approaching zero by means of weight gain or weight reduction and the axial and radial displacement of the center of mass along the axis, satisfying the mechanical balance condition.

9.lead device: the electric motor,sensor,torquer,magnetic levitation and other electromagnetic component are transmitted internally through soft conducting wires(i.e. conductive filament) and insulators.

10.limit device: defines the maximum angle of the float assembly along the output shaft.

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