Precautions for Use of the Inclinometer

Precautions for use of the inclinometer.

l  Use within the working temperature, prevent vibration, forbidden to hit the bottom of the hole, prevent sudden acceleration probe, forbidden to carry the cable swing probe;

l  When bundled, inclinometer is strictly prohibited to use cable wire and metals, it is best to use take-up winch rope or class;

l  Timely wipe the probe, clean and dry joints, lubrication and o-rings, pay attention to moisture, cleaning and socket panel;

l  After the completion of the strict prohibition of the long – term sexual transfer of each of the two parts of the division of the long – term infusions;

l  After completion of the test, dry the probe and cable, cover good protection cover, to probe into the protective box;

l Returned to the interior, dry reading meter and recharge the battery;

l It’s best to let all the joints dry in the room.

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