How to use DTG to produce north finder ?

Gyro north finder is a directional instrument which based on the operate principle of fast, high accuracy and autonomous orientation. It according to measure the earth rotation angular velocity and acceleration of gravity and get the angle which fixed on it between true north direction and reference axis after calculated. Generally the earth speed can be measured and the speed is 15°/h.

In order to get higher accuracy azimuth, need to make detail analysis for the factor which caused north seeking error and targeted to eliminate and compensation for this. In addition, the true north direction have to be optimize design according to the measured gyro data and give full play to the  gyro performance, provided for north precision accuracy .

Our DTG-E3 Dynamically tuned gyroscope with the accuracy of 0.02 (degree per hour) so that it can promise the north finder can reach 10'' when customer produce north finder ,meanwhile our PCB with DTG-E3 can effectively avoid the gyro be damaged during test, because we always help customer to adjust it before shipped from factory. DTG-E3 is the best choice to produce north finder.

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