Laser Gyro Features – 2

4) Strong resistance to vibration, shock and temperature changes. The laser gyro adopts an integrated structure and has no moving parts, so it can withstand high accelerations and strong vibration shocks, and is resistant to high and low temperature environments. The specially designed GG1308 gyro can even withstand more than 1 x 104g impact.

5) High angular resolution. The laser gyro can resolve fine angle changes in the order of angular seconds or even sub-angles, enabling high-precision and high-resolution dynamic measurements on angle measurements.

6) The performance is stable. The meter can be calibrated during the working life.

7) Quick start. The laser gyro can be started instantaneously, and generally does not require preheating and stabilization time.

8) Low power consumption, long life, good reliability and easy maintenance. The laser gyro has a storage life of more than 200,000 hours and an average trouble-free working time (MTBF) of tens of thousands of hours.

9) It is both rate gyro and position gyroscope. It is flexible to use and has a wide range of applications.

10) Insensitive to acceleration, there is no cross coupling effect.

11) Direct digital output, the system is simple.

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