Introduction to Coal Mine Drilling

The study of the drilling method of coal mine drilling began in the early 1950s. In 1963, a small drilling test was conducted at the Coal Science Research Institute. At the end of 1968, the ZZS-1 type shaft drilling rigwas successfully manufactured. In the first half of 1969, China Coal Special Drilling Well (Group) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jianjing were located in Hualibei The wind well cooperated to complete the test work of the first shaft rig in China and achieved success.

The drilling method has the advantages of mechanization and high degree of automation. The well does not need workers to go down, the working conditions are good, the labor intensity is low, the construction is safe, the well wall quality is good, the well slope is low, the adaptability is strong, and the deep surface soil drilling well has low cost. . Especially in recent years, the drilling method has made new progress in the verticality of the well, the rapid conversion of the process, the filling of the wall, and the vertical damage of the wellbore, which has made the drilling method more and more construction. The favor of the unit. The Drilling Engineering Department of China Coal Mine Construction Group Co., Ltd. has created the deepest and largest record of drilling in China. The deepest well in the drilling is 660m (the diameter of the borehole is 9.5m, the net diameter is 6.2m), and the diameter of the borehole and the net diameter of the drill are the largest. The west intake wind well of Zhangji Mine is Φ10. 8m and Φ8. 3m (wellbore depth 458).

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