Inertial Positioning and Heading System

The high precision gyroscope north finder is an all-weather, fast and accurate directional instrument, which can autonomously find the north and give the Angle between the specified target and the astronomical north.

It has the characteristics of high automation, short north-seeking time, high accuracy, high precision, high reliability and stable performance compared with the traditional magnetic north-finding. In addition, the north-finding instrument technology has good environmental adaptability. It can be used in aiming system of mobile launch of missile weapon system, joint survey of artillery position, tunnel construction and other fields that need to establish azimuth datum.

The gyroscope can be widely used in early warning radar, artillery group, tank, infantry fighting vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, self-propelled gun, mine laying vehicle, rocket launcher, radar directional system and so on. It can also be used for geodetic survey, topographic survey, and astronomical azimuth measurement during construction of construction engineering (subway, tunnel, mine, road, dam, bridge, etc.). Gyro north finder has great market demand, the development of high precision gyro north finder, not only adapt to the needs of the market, can create certain economic benefits, as an inertial technology, but also have certain social benefits. The technical specifications of the high precision gyroscope north finder are as follows: north seeking time: no more than 6.5min; (1) sigma accuracy: no more than 10 “.

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