In What Areas of Life are the Characteristics of the Gyroscope Applied

How does the gyroscope stay up?

The working principle of the gyroscope is made according to the gyro played when I was a child. When the rotating axis of a high-speed object, the external force acting on it to change its direction tends to be in the vertical direction.When a rotating object is tilted laterally, gravity will act in the direction of increasing the tilt, while the axis will move in the vertical direction, resulting in shaking of the head.As the rotation of the earth is subject to the rotation force in the straight direction, the rotation of the gyro generates precession movement in the direction of the meridian in the horizontal plane, which can be applied when the axis is parallel to the meridian and at rest.

In what areas of life are the characteristics of the gyroscope applied?

Due to the direction of rotation of the rotating object refers to when is not affected by external force, will not change, such as riding a bicycle is using the principle of the wheels to turn faster is not easy to fall, because there are a force for level axle, gyroscope to give it a force at work, make it fast spin, general can exercise for a long time.

Application of gyroscope on mobile phone

The gyroscope used in mobile phones is called the mobile gyroscope, and it is available in almost all mobile phones nowadays.When we hold the phone and rotate, the screen also rotates, which takes advantage of the gyroscope’s non-destructive characteristics.When we play mobile games, because of the gyroscope, we can experience a more realistic, three-dimensional game, but also can keep the keys and screen coordination.In order to prevent handshaking from affecting the quality of the photos taken on mobile phones, several gyroscopes are equipped here to help each other and maintain the stability of mobile phones.

Application of gyroscopes on ships

Ships have a lot of sensors, and gyroscopes are essential.General ships will have a gyro compass this product, it is not a completely rely on external all information such as sound, light, electricity, magnetic autonomous to find true north and stable true north on the moving object to establish a benchmark to accurately measure the direction of the moving object motion inertia device, it is in order to maintain the stability of the ship in moving.Gyroscopic stabilization system is also necessary for many ships. It is a device to keep the orientation of the platform body stable by using the characteristics of gyroscope. It is mainly used to measure the attitude of the ship’s motion carrier, to prevent the danger of ship movement, and to achieve the function of early warning.

Application of gyroscopes in spaceflight

The need for gyroscopes on aircraft, this is the use of gyroscope instrument navigation characteristics, it can be used as an aircraft indicating instrument.Since the design of the aircraft is mostly static and unstable, auxiliary devices must be used to maintain the flight path of the aircraft.During the flight, the plane often meets all kinds of bad weather and swings. In order to make passengers more comfortable, there are many gyroscopes placed near the seats.

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