How does the Motor and Decelerator Match

The motor and the reducer can be used with the gear wheel system.

First, a suitable power supply should be selected according to the working voltage of the motor, and then the required transmission ratio can be calculated according to the required speed and motor speed, and then the transmission ratio of the gear train can be determined according to the transmission ratio that the existing gearbox can provide.

Finally, the ratio of the number of gear teeth is determined according to the transmission ratio, and then the suitable gear radius and gear material are selected by mechanical analysis. Finally, the gear is processed, and it can be used after the assembly and debugging.

Specific operation steps:

1. The required torque and speed are calculated according to the parameters of the working machinery, and a approximate power is calculated.

2. The rated torque of the motor is viewed according to power, and the maximum torque of the motor turns to 1450 per minute according to the speed of the motor.

3. According to the required torque / motor torque, that is the speed reduction ratio of the reducer. It is not finally selected at this time, checking whether the speed of the speed reduction ratio is in line with the need. If the speed is larger than the required speed, it meets the requirements; if the speed is too small, the speed reduction ratio is calculated according to the speed.

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