Gyro theodolite

The gyro theodolite is mainly composed of a rotating rotor supported on one or two frames.

A two-degree of freedom gyroscope with a frame. A three-degree-of-freedom gyroscope with both internal and external frames. Theodolite placed on suspension gyroscope, is refers to using its north sex to determine the true meridian direction, reoccupy theodolite to determine the true meridian north direction backlog direction between horizontal Angle, namely the true azimuth.

Refers to the north, is hanging in the gravity and, under the influence of earth rotation angular velocity gyro shaft will produce precession, gradually to the true face, finally achieve true son face as the center of symmetry, as Angle of the characteristics of simple harmonic motion. A common method for determining the northern direction of the true meridian is found in the middle and the reverse point method.

It is mainly used in tunnel construction measurement, and the horizontal and true north direction measurement of shield tunneling can make up for the loss of precision caused by excessive wire.

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