High-precision Gyroscope Inclinometer

The gyro inclinometer uses the inertial navigation technology to perform borehole measurement. It utilizes the inertial navigation device with strong autonomy, high navigation accuracy and good reliability. The strap-down north seeking system consists of fiber optic gyroscope and accelerometer sensor. The gyro is used to measure the angular velocity of the earth, the accelerometer is used to measure the earth’s gravitational acceleration component, and the apex angle, azimuth and tool face angle are calculated by the relevant formula. The gyro inclinometer has the following features:

The drift is small, the precision is high, and the data between the measuring points is not related, which eliminates the accumulated error of the previous gyro inclinometer and effectively improves the accuracy of the drilling trajectory measurement result.

The work process automatically seeks north, does not require initial orientation of the ground, and does not require a north school before and after measurement, eliminating human error.

Unaffected by geology and the surrounding environment, it is resistant to magnetic interference and can be used in drill pipes, magnetic casings and magnetic mining areas.


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