Inertial Gyro Characteristics


When the gyro rotor rotates at a very high speed, inertia is generated, which causes the rotating shaft of the gyro rotor to remain in space, pointing in a fixed direction, while resisting any force that changes the axial direction of the rotor. This physical phenomenon is called a gyro. The shafting or inertia of the instrument. Its inertia changes with the following physical quantities:

The greater the rotor mass, the greater the inertia

The larger the radius of rotation of the rotor, the greater the inertia

The greater the rotor rotation speed, the greater the inertia.


In the running gyroscope, if an external action or moment is applied to the rotor rotating shaft, the rotating shaft does not move in the direction of the applied force, but moves in the direction of the vertical 90-degree force of the rotor along the rotation of the rotor. It is counter-movement.

The magnitude of the reversal also has three factors:

The greater the external force, the greater the reversal;

The larger the mass of inertia of the rotor, the smaller the reverse action;

The greater the angular velocity of the rotor, the smaller the reversibility.

The reverse direction can be based on the direction of the force application and the direction of rotation of the rotor.

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