Dip Sensor Noun Explanation

Sensitivity error – depends on the characteristics of the core sensitive device, but is also associated with the frequency response, also known as the amplitude-frequency characteristic. After actual testing, the impact on sensitivity is small and can be ignored.

Zero offset – Depending on the characteristics of the core sensitive device, the sensor does not have an angular input (such as absolute horizontal), the sensor measurement output is not zero, the actual output angle value is zero offset. This indicator has nothing to do with whether the sensor can be zeroed.

Nonlinearity – can be corrected by subsequent steps, depending on how many correction points. The more correction points, the better the nonlinearity.

Horizontal axis error—refers to the error that is produced when the sensor is coupled to the output signal of the sensor when it is applied with a certain acceleration perpendicular to its sensitive axis or tilted at a certain angle. For a uniaxial sensor with a measurement range of ±30° (assuming the X direction is the inclination measurement direction), when the space is inclined by 10° perpendicular to the X direction (the tilt angle of the actually measured X direction remains unchanged) If it is +8.505°), the output signal of the sensor will cause additional error due to this 10° tilt. This error is called the horizontal axis error. This additional error is due to different products. When the horizontal axis error of the tilt sensor is 3% FS, the additional error is 3% × 30 ° = 0.9 °, and the actual output angle of the sensor is simply estimated to be 9.405 ° (= 8.505 ° + 0.9 °). At this time, even if the nonlinearity error of the inclination sensor reaches 0.001°, this nonlinear error can be neglected with respect to the horizontal axis error, that is, as the measurement accuracy of the inclination sensor, the horizontal axis error cannot be counted. Otherwise it will cause a large measurement error.

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