Development of Orientation System

The gyro north finder can be widely used in early warning radars, artillery groups, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, self-propelled artillery, mine-breeding vehicles, rocket launchers, and radar directional systems. It can also be used for geodetic azimuth measurement during geodesy, topographic surveys, and construction projects (metro, tunnels, mines, roads, dams, bridge construction, etc.) during construction. The gyro north finder has a large market demand and the research and development of high-precision gyro north finder. It not only adapts to the needs of the market, but also creates certain economic benefits. As an inertial technology, it also has certain social benefits. The technical indicators of the high-precision gyro north finder are as follows: North seek time: no more than 6.5 min; north seek accuracy (1σ): no more than 10′′.

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