Current status of MEMS inertial navigation

With the development of science and technology, the new inertial navigation system with its unique advantages, has been widely used in the fields of aviation, space and navigation. The level of the modernization of a country’s weaponry is directly reflected on the other side of the development level of inertial technology. In modern and future high-tech battlefield, complex battlefield environment of strong technology urgent need of MAV, micro robot micro spy equipment and a large number of tactical weapons, the demand drives the inertial navigation system to move forward in the direction of low cost, miniaturization and low power consumption.

Western countries, especially the United States, are in the world’s leading position in MEMS inertial devices and micro navigation systems technology. The United States of MEMS technology and MEMS based navigation technology, famous research institutions of inertial technology field such as the Draper laboratory, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Litton, Honeywell, BEI, and some famous universities and Research Center in MEMS INS, MEMS-IMU and low cost tactical level and micro inertial navigation technology etc. has carried out extensive research, outstanding achievements, system is moving towards precision, integrated navigation.

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