China has made breakthrough progress in sensor performance research

In modern life, MEMS inertial sensors are integrated into smartphones, car navigation systems, game consoles, digital cameras, music players, wireless mice, hard disk protectors, smart toys, pedometers, anti-theft systems and the like, Mm or less, but it is an important part to solve the navigation, positioning, orientation and movement attitude measurement.

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Inertial sensors are sensors that detect and measure acceleration, tilt, impact, vibration, rotation, and multi-degree-of-freedom (DoF) motion. An inertial system consisting of an accelerometer and a gyroscope enables real-time monitoring of carrier position and motion information. Inertial sensors fabricated using MEMS technology are typically only a few millimeters or less in size for sensitive structures; ASICs are integrated circuits designed for specific users or specific electronic systems that integrate thousands of transistor circuits in one Chip, also has the characteristics of small size. Both can be mass-produced at very low cost.

Therefore, application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology and MEMS technology will greatly reduce the cost, size and power consumption of inertial sensors, making this type of sensor widely used in consumer electronics products. In addition, the use of high-performance ASIC (ASIC), but also reduce the environmental factors and parasitic parameters on the sensor performance, greatly improve the MEMS inertial sensor accuracy, making the type of sensor can be used in high-precision navigation guidance field, can To contribute to the development of national defense science and technology.

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