Application of Pressure Sensor -2

4. Apply to monitor mine pressure

Sensor technology is one of the key technologies for mine pressure monitoring. On the one hand, we should correctly apply existing sensors to serve the mining industry; on the other hand, as sensor manufacturers, we must also develop and develop new pressure sensors to suit more mining applications. There are many kinds of pressure sensors, and based on the special circumstances of mine pressure monitoring, mining pressure sensors mainly include: vibrating wire pressure sensor, semiconductor piezoresistive pressure sensor, metal strain gauge pressure sensor, differential transformer pressure sensor and so on. These sensors have a wide range of applications in the mineral industry. Which sensors are used depends on the specific mining environment.

5. Apply to promote sleep

Pressure sensor itself can not promote sleep, we just put the pressure sensor on the ground floor of the mattress, because the pressure sensor has high sensitivity, when people turn over, heartbeat and breathing and other related actions, the sensor will analyze this series of information to infer sleep What kind of state is the person sleeping in, and then through the analysis of the sensor, collecting the signal of the sensor to get the sleep data such as heartbeat and breathing rhythm, and finally composing all the data processing into a piece of track, of course, can compress your one night’s sleep into one The first few minutes of music.

6. Used in compressors, air conditioning cold equipment

Pressure sensors are often used in air presses and air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. These sensors are compact, easy to install, and typically have a special valve-pin design for the pressure port.

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