Application of Inclination Sensor on Passenger Aircraft

The attitude director is an electronic display instrument for displaying the pitch angle attitude and the roll angle posture of the passenger aircraft. The integrated display system of the flight instrument of the passenger aircraft mainly includes modular instrumentation such as attitude director, electronic channel compass, navigator and visual viewer, wherein the display information of the electronic attitude indicator includes attitude guidance information, altitude information, speed information and work. Status information, etc. Its main task is to display flight parameters in real-time in the form of dynamic graphics and characters, so that the pilot can accurately obtain the required information and perform timely and safe manipulation. The attitude director area filling operation is mainly for the inner sky earth area, with the middle boundary line as the horizon, the upper blue area represents the sky, the lower brown area represents the land, the horizon position and the angle determine the shape of the two areas, in each picture The graphics are regenerated when refreshed, and the characters and line segments superimposed on it are also rotated along with the horizon. The position and angle of the horizon are determined by two flight parameters: the pitch angle and the roll angle. The pitch angle θ determines the vertical distance h of the horizon from the center of the figure, and the roll angle α determines the angle of inclination.

The measurement of the pitch angle and the roll angle is usually carried out using a two-axis tilt sensor. Usually, the tilt sensor is mounted on the wing of a very hard passenger aircraft. When the passenger plane is taking off, the tilt sensor can directly take the passenger plane in real time. The takeoff pitch angle is measured and can be transmitted to the integrated display system of the flight instrument of the passenger aircraft by digital or analog signals. When the passenger plane is flying normally, the tilt sensor can measure the current flight pitch angle and roll angle of the passenger plane in real time, and transmit the tilt angle signal to the display system, so that the captain or the first officer can know the current flight attitude of the passenger plane in real time. , greatly improving the safety of passenger aircraft flight.


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