Application of Inclination Sensor in Ship Condition Monitoring

The ship is a watercraft used for transportation and operations. It relies on manpower, sails or motors to move on the water. It is an indispensable tool for water transportation. Various sensors are used on modern ships, such as inclination sensors, acceleration sensors, vibration sensors, speed sensors, etc. These sensors can be used to measure the inclination angle, acceleration, vibration, speed and other parameters of the ship during navigation. To detect the state of the ship while driving.

The tilt sensor is typically mounted on a horizontal platform on the deck of the ship to measure the angle of inclination of the hull itself during or during landing. When the ship’s body exceeds 35°, there is a danger of overturning, so the angle of inclination cannot exceed 35°. When the angle of the hull is greater than 15°, an alarm signal is required. If necessary, corresponding protective measures or forced stop of the hull motor should be made to ensure the safe navigation of the ship, especially in the case of wind and waves. Therefore, the tilt sensor has also become an indispensable measurement tool for the safe operation of ships.

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