Application Of Inclination Sensor In Monitoring Landslides

The rainfall in southern China is always high, especially in the summer rainy season in summer, and there will be a lot of precipitation. In the southwestern region, there are many mountainous areas. The mountain is often composed of multiple layers of soil or rock, and the physical composition and erosion degree of each layer. It is also different, resulting in extremely unstable mountainous terrain. In recent years, landslides have occurred frequently, which not only poses a huge threat to the safety of residents’ lives and property, but also poses great difficulties for safety monitoring.

The tilt sensor designed and manufactured by Shenzhen Ruifen Technology Co., Ltd. can solve the problem of comprehensive detection of the mountain. In the area where the mountain is prone to danger, a plurality of holes are arranged vertically along the mountain, and several inclination sensors are deployed at different depths to monitor the movement of the mountain. When the mountain is slightly deformed, the inclination sensor can be real-time. The current tilt angle data is transmitted, and the change of the mountain body can be monitored in real time. Once the tilt phenomenon occurs, the corresponding data information will be sent according to the tilt angle in time to provide a reliable guarantee for the first-hand data of the monitoring personnel.

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