Anti-drone defense program

Low altitude small target detection and interference system consist of low altitude small target detection subsystem and unmanned aerial vehicle interference subsystem, which can detect, monitor, expel and land the drones can be monitored in the surveillance area. The anti-drone defense system has high integration, low operation and maintenance cost, full-time and all-day work, target automatic recognition and other characteristics, it can be widely used in the airport or near the area of the airspace security protection.

Low altitude small detection subsystem consists of low altitude small target detection radar, photoelectric detection device and remote control device, mainly used in detecting, monitoring, recognizing, tracking and affirm the target in the airspace, and provide directional guidance to interference subsystem.

Unmanned aerial vehicle interference subsystem is transmitting same frequency interference signal within communication frequency to block the data link between the drone and the remoter control, or launch a satellite navigation spoofing signal at the location of the drone to forcing drone to fall and return.

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