Antenna Application Area

1. Land and farmland management

The real-time precise positioning of the Beidou antenna will also be applied to the consolidation and management of land and farmland. The Beidou terminal will be installed on agricultural machinery such as tractors and harvesters, and the precision farming of farmland can be achieved with a positioning accuracy of 0.1 m. This saves a lot of effort and time.

2. Campus security

Primary and secondary school students can be protected by using a safety monitoring network built by global satellite navigation systems. Once the student wears a badge with a Beidou antenna, he knows where he is at any time, and this information can be transmitted to the parents. Don’t worry about where your child is going.

3. Transportation

Beidou antenna can play a key role in civil aviation route management and navigation, aircraft landing and so on. More applications in land transportation, such as intelligent transportation, road congestion control, vehicle monitoring and other applications. In the high-speed rail, the Beidou antenna system can also be used for road construction, roadbed settlement monitoring, operational management and operational safety monitoring.

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