Analysis on the Prospect and Influence of Anti – UAV development

In order to deal with the increasingly serious threat of unmanned aerial vehicles to provide an effective means of defense

With the rapid development of military and civilian UAV technology, Especially the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles developed successfully, The Development of “Bee Group” Attack Pattern, The use of traditional missiles, shells anti unmanned aerial vehicles efficiency and cost more and more prominent, At present, our country launched a strategy for UAV defense, to promote  anti unmanned aerial vehicles  technology and equipment for rapid development.


Help to promote the development of security technology and cutting edge technology

In recent years, UAV technology quickly and widely spread, There are a large number of easy-to-control remote control helicopters and multi-rotor aircraft, Events related to UAVs occur frequently, On the security, security management, such as the formation of a challenge,The future, anti unmanned aerial vehicles technology will play an important role in the field of security,

In addition, anti unmanned aerial vechiles defence systems are emerging devices, Help to promote the micro-system, electromagnetic spectrum, directional energy and other areas of development.

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