Aircraft hit the UAV more dangerous

According to a report by the U.S. CBS on November 29, a new study commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shows that the high-speed collision between the UAV and the aircraft can cause serious damage and damage Even more than a bird hit the plane. UAVs are made of solid-state plastics, metals, batteries and cameras that strike objects far more than birds strike. Pilots have long argued that the drone is a very real threat to the safety of passengers and this new study seems to confirm this. Los Angeles Police Department of the United States rely on helicopters to quickly reach the scene, while air surveillance, they flew fast in low altitude.

Pilot Cook always needs to beware of the UAV. Cook said: “If we collided with a drones, 130 pounds of aviation fuel on the 5,500-pound aircraft and on the plane crashed into the nearby neighborhood.”? Retired pilot captain Ross fears more The low-altitude impact. Rose said: “Planes can be very dangerous when taking off and landing close to the ground, and it is clear that the scope of these drone flights is likely to cause damage to the aircraft.”

In August 2015, a UAV flew within 50 feet of a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter hovering in the air to find a suspect. Helicopter pilots had to dive to avoid collisions, and the drone operator admitted that he had obstructed the police office. In 2017, a UAV hit a military helicopter over Staten Island in New York City, damaging the helicopter rotor and windshield. The helicopter landed an emergency.

FAA’s newly released animation shows how dangerous drones can be. UAVs can inflict heavy damage on aircraft engines and break off propeller blades, potentially causing the aircraft to become inoperable. Another animation shows that a drone crash could damage the tail of the aircraft. Researchers also found that in severe impact, the UAV lithium-ion battery may be fragmented. However, the temperature of these batteries starts to rise even in the case of a non-destructive portion of the drone, and a damaged battery may cause a fire if it is embedded inside the airplane after a collision.

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