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gyroscopic stabilizer factory

  • ER-50W Series Voltage&Frequency Stabilizer/AC Power Supply

    Contact NowER-50W Series Voltage&Frequency Stabilizer/AC Power SupplyFeatures:
    1. High reliability and availability;
    2. Galvanically isolated,low harmonic distortion;
    3. Isolated output transformer,suit for any unbalance loads;
    4. Every single phase can be used independently;
    5. Thoroughly proven advanced SPWM and IGBT...
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  • ER-60W Series Static Frequency

    Contact NowER-60W Series Static FrequencyFeatures:
    1. Isolated output transformer,suitable for any unbalance loads. Every single phase can be used independently EMC compatible;
    2. Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply network;
    3. Galvanically isolated,low harmonic distortion;
    4. Pure sine...
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  • ER-F60W Series Frequency

    Contact NowER-F60W Series FrequencyFeatures:
    1. Isolated output transformer,suit for any unbalance loads;
    2. Every single phase can be used independently;
    3. EMC compatible,Low noise;
    4. Thoroughly proven advanced SPWM and IGBT technology;
    5. Galvanically isolated,low harmonic distortion;
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  • ER-CW Series DC Ground Power Unit

    Contact NowER-CW Series DC Ground Power UnitFeatures:
    1. Continuous high quality DC power;
    2. Over voltage, overload and Internal Thermal, short circuit protection;
    3. The power modules conform to EMC standards for noise emissions and immunity.
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  • ER-SW Series Programmable AC Power Source

    Contact NowER-SW Series Programmable AC Power SourceFeatures:
    1. 10 memory locations for easy test setup and recall;
    2. Double protection with hardware and software;
    3. Free Instrument control software available;
    4. Simulate transient conditions;
    5. Programmable starting, voltage and current limit;
    6. LCD to...
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