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directional gyroscope suppliers

  • ER-Single Axis FOG Gyroscope

    Contact NowER-Single Axis FOG GyroscopeFeatures:
    1.Small volume, light weight, low power consumption;
    2.Fast start-up, simple operation, convenient to use;
    3.High precise measurement/navigation system and servo system.
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  • ER-Three Axis MEMS Gyroscope

    Contact NowER-Three Axis MEMS GyroscopeFeatures:
    1. Economically designed;
    2. Measurement range and bandwidth can be customized;
    3. Maximum range reaches ±400°/s;
    4. Small dimension and light weight;
    5. High stability, Excellent impact and vibration resistance.
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  • ER-Three Axis RLG Gyroscope

    Contact NowER-Three Axis RLG GyroscopeFeatures:
    1. Accurately measure the carrier relative inertia space Angle motion information;
    2. Small in size, light in weight;
    3. Modular design, good compatibility;
    4. It can be customized for the system structure design, easy system integration.
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  • ER-Dual Axis FOG Gyroscope

    Contact NowER-Dual Axis FOG GyroscopeFeatures:
    1. Adapting matured fiber optic gyroscope manufacturing technology;
    2. Small volume, light weight, low power consumption, fast start-up, simple operation, convenient to use;
    3. Biaxial Fiber Optic Gyroscope.
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  • ER-Single Axis MEMS Gyroscope

    Contact NowER-Single Axis MEMS GyroscopeFeatures:
    1. High Bias Stability, low Noise, Measurement Range and Bandwidth;
    2. Measurement Range and Bandwidth is optional;
    3. Calibration Temperature Range, Noise Processed, Optional Output Signal (Unipolar /Bipolar Difference);
    4. Electric Current/Voltage,...
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  • ER-Three Axis FOG Gyroscope

    Contact NowER-Three Axis FOG GyroscopeFeatures:
    1. Designed with concept of traditional fiber optic gyroscope.
    2. Adapting matured fiber optic gyroscope manufacturing technology;
    3. With characteristics of small volume, light weight, low power consumption, fast start-up, simple operation, convenient to use.
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  • ER-Directional Sensor

    Contact NowER-Directional SensorFeatures:
    1. With small volume, compact structure
    2. High vibration resistance, high reliability and good performance
    3. Digital serial data output
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  • ER-Single Axis RLG Gyroscope

    Contact NowER-Single Axis RLG GyroscopeFeatures:
    Ring laser gyro with high precision, high stability and repeatability
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  • ER-Fiber Optic Gyroscope For Drilling Field

    Contact NowER-Fiber Optic Gyroscope For Drilling FieldFeatures:
    1. High bandwidth, short activation time, shock resistance, vibration resistance;
    2. Most sensitive and accurate in its size;
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  • ER-MEMS Directional Sensor

    Contact NowER-MEMS Directional SensorFeatures:
    1.With high reliability, the DS550 directional sensor only need to be calibrated once time per 3-years/5,000 hours by remote mode;
    2. Shock resistance 1000g,vibration resistance 20grms;
    3. Digital data transmission;
    4. With minimum size of...
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