Two Axis Rate Turntable

ER-ZX2V300T Features:
1. Two axis rate turntable;
2. RS232, RS485 communication interface;
3. Excellent rate stability and rate accuracy, accurate control precision.

Two Axis Rate Turntable

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    Two Axis Rate Turntable


    1. This kind of two-axis test turntable is part of a series of universal turntable top speed turntable with a range of standard modules available to customer’s requirements. It can be selected according to customer’s needs. It has position and speed functions to provide accurate single axis and double axis positioning and rate reference for the load to be measured. It is mainly used for static test and calibration of small and medium inertial measurement unit (IMU) and inertial navigation system.

    2. This type of turntable shafts are directly driven by permanent magnet DC torque motor, the turntable shafts are directly driven by permanent magnet DC torque motor, PWM drive unit for the motor to provide the required power supply, so that the turntable has excellent rate stability and rate accuracy, accurate control precision in place.

    3. The pitching shaft of the turntable is equipped with a mechanical locking device to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the measured load. At the same time, when the mechanical locking device is in the locking state, the turntable’s electric control system can not be put into operation, so as to avoid the motor damage caused by wrong operation.

    4. The inner and outer frames of the turntable are equipped with conductive slip rings to facilitate the transmission of the measured load signal or power supply. This series turntable is equipped with two kinds of standard conductive slip rings for customers to choose, also can be customized according to customer needs.

    5. The turntable adopts DSP control system developed by our company, equipped with RS232, RS485 communication interface, and can also be customized according to customer needs, the system has a very friendly man-machine interface.


    Maximum height (mm): 792
    The height of the axis of the outer frame (mm): 642
    Maximum width of rame shafting (mm): 888
    Dimensions of base (mm): 712 X 460 (LXW)
    Table flatness (mm): 0.05
    The distance between the mesa and the axis of the outer frame (mm): 98
    Mesa of magnetic flux leakage (mT): 0.5
    Payload weight (kg): 20kg
    The weight of the turntable (kg): 280kg
    Turntable Model No.: ER-ZX2V300T ER-ZX2V360T
    Shafting category Inside casing shaft The casing outside the shaft
    Mechanical Technical Specifications
    Shafting perpendicularity ±4”
    Shafting rotation accuracy ≤±2″ ≤±3”
    The moment of inertia of shafting Without load 0.06kgm2 (Duralumin table)
    On load Decided by the load moment of inertia (acceleration is
    equal to the motor moment divided by the moment of inertia),
    the motor can run continuously for 10 minutes under the action
    of peak torque.
    Electrical Technical Specifications
    Angular rotation range Continuous infinite Continuous infinite
    Control position accuracy ±5” ±5”
    Rate range 0.001°/s~±800° /s 0.001°/s~±500° /s
    Rate accuracy & stability w<1°/s, 5X10-3 (1° average) w<1°/s, 5X10-3 (1° average)
    1°/s≤w<10°/s, 5X10-4 (10° average) 1°/s≤w<10°/s, 5X10-4 (10° average)
    10°/s≤w, 5X10-5 (360° average) 10°/s≤w, 5X10-5 (360° average)
    Optional template
    Table-board Diameter φ360mm φ300mm
    Material Hard aluminum alloy (surface hard treatment, surface hardness up to HRC30)
    Motor Inside casing shaft The casing outside the shaft
    Continuous torque 4Nm 7.5Nm 7.5/15Nm 32.5/65Nm
    Peak torque 10Nm 22.5Nm 22.5/45Nm 65/130Nm
    1. The accuracy of the control can be selected according to customer requirements, up to 2″.
    2. Speed accuracy, stability and flatness of the table can be selected according to customer requirements, up to 5 times.
    3. Northward guiding mirror is available.
    4. According to user requirements, British Renishaw circular grating or German Heidenhain encodercan be configured as position feedback components (standard for Heidenhain encoder).
    5. The shaft rotation accuracy and verticality can be customized according to user requirements.
    6. Table diameter can be customized within 360mm according to user requirements.
    Conductive slip ring
    1. Ring number: (can be customized according to user requirements)
    56Ring 36Ring
    1~36 channel, 2A, twin twist shield; 1~24 channel, 2A, twin twist shield
    37~56 channel, 5A, power cord. 25~36 lines, 5A, power Line
    2. Contact resistance change value: static ≤0.005Ω dynamic ≤0.01 Ω
    3. Insulation resistance between conductive slip rings: ≥300MΩ, 500V; Contact resistance of conductive slip ring: ≤0.1Ω
    4. Working humidity: ≤85%.
    5. Power supply: 220V ±10%, 50Hz/16A


    1. What are the quotation methods?

    If you have DHL or Fedex account, we can quote EXW price, otherwise CIF or FOB price.

    2. Are there any discounts?

    After we submit the sample price, if more quantity is needed, we will quote the bulk price.

    3. How long will it take to deliver the goods after placing the order?

    For sensors, parts and modules: in stock-one week; no stock-2-4 weeks; For systems, generally, 8-12 weeks.

    4. How to deal with the quality problems?

    After confirming that the product has quality problems, we will replace it for you free of charge in the shortest possible time.

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