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ER-MWD-T High Temperature & Pressure - Borehole Wireless With Drilling Inclinometer

1.Measurement Range:0-500API
2.Measurement Accuracy:  ±5%
4.Vertical Resolution: 173mm/6.8in

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ER-MWD-T High Temperature & Pressure - Borehole Wireless With Drilling Inclinometer


      ER-MWD-T High Temperature & Pressure - Borehole  Wireless With Drilling Inclinometer


ER-MWD-T High temperature and high pressure.jpg

Main Characteristics

1. O.D is only 40mm,able to work under 150℃ and 23600spi,suitable for borehole size under Θ114.3mm(4-1/2’’). When used for small size borehole,apply Θ88.9mm standard non-mag drill collar (inner diameter of 50.8mm), there is no need to enlarge non-mag drill tool water hole which enhanced safety of downhole drilling tools.

2. The integral design of centralizer ,measuring probe,gamma probe and fishing head reduce from 9 connection points to only 5 connection points(with Gamma) with design of flexible coupling, which ensured continuity and insulativity under strenuous vibration condition. (ZL 201120258615.6    ZL 201120258610.3)

3. The measuring probe is added with spinning top(for measuring rotating speed) and flow switch (for monitoring mud pump state) , such that the instrument will stop working while composite drilling that prolonged life of battery and pulser. Even if flow switch is out of work, the instrument will remain proper functioning without pulling out by switching turntable on and off to activate spinning top. (ZL 200920223472.8

4. Double battery supply system with auto switching function, which prolonged downhole working time dramatically.

Specification and technical parameter

Inclination: ±0.1°0-180°

Azimuth: ±1.0°0-360°(inclination ≥5°)

GTF Angle: ±1.0°0-360°(inclination ≥5°)

MTF Angle: ±1.0°0-360°(inclination <5°)

Max Working Temp: 150℃/302°F

Max Pressure Strength: 162 MPa/23600Psi

Physical Dimension:  Φ40×6445mm/Φ1.57 ×253.7in

       Φ 40×7635mm/Φ1.57×300.6in(with Gamma)

Battery Life:   ≥180h/360h

     ≥150h/300h(with Gamma)


Technical Parameters

Measurement Range:  0-500API

Measurement Accuracy ±5%


Vertical Resolution: 173mm/6.8in

 If interested,pls contact us info@ericcointernational.com

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