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ER-Pad Acquisition Module

1. With small volume, compact structure, convenient use;
2. High reliability and good performance characteristics.

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ER-Pad Acquisition Module

 Product Name: pad acquisition module   

l  With high temperature and high temperature resistance

Micro RESISTIVITY imager pad acquisition module is a dedicated circuit developed on Halliburton’s XRMI, realizing the front-end amplifier, filtering, data conversion, encoding and decoding functions of 25 circuit button electrical signals. With small volume, compact structure, convenient use, high reliability and good performance characteristics, can work under -40~200.

 Pad acquisition module .png

Technical parameters:

     l  Working temperature scope: -40℃~200

   l  ADC accuracy: 16Bit

     l  Communication rate: 8Mbps


Product application:

     l  Oil drilling


Function Diagram:




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