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ER-Three-axis FOG North Finder For Mining

1.Find the north time: 5min
2.Azimuth measurement range:0°~360°
3.Inclination measurement range:-75°~+75°
4.Inclination measurement accuracy:≤0.2°
5.Azimuth measurement accuracy ≤0.5°~2.0°
6.Azimuth retention time:20min

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ER-Three-axis FOG North Finder For Mining

 ER-Three-axis FOG North Finder For Mining



 1. Compose: 

Three-axis fiber optic gyroscope north finder is made up of system ontology, three axis integrated optical fiber gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer (quartz flexible accelerometer/MEMS accelerometer), the secondary power supply, gyroscope main board, accelerometer main board, navigation computer, system interface circuit and so on.


2. Function requirement: 

Three-axis integrated optical fiber north finder through fiber optic gyroscope and accelerometer to get the carrier relative inertial space angular velocity and carrier linear acceleration.    


3. Main technical indicators

3.1 general requirements:

a)Start time(From add power to data output): <5 seconds

b)System north seeking time: <5min

c)System weight: ≤2.0kg

d)System size: 200mm×100mm×90mm

e)Communication Interface: RS422 serial port

f)Data refresh rate: 1000HZ

g)Working temperature: 5℃~55

h)Storage temperature: -40℃~+60

3.2 North seeking precision

     North seeking mode: static base

     North seeking time: 5min

     Azimuth measurement range: 0°~360°

     Azimuth measurement precision(1σ): ≤ 0.5°~2.0°

     Inclinometer measurement range: -75°~75°

     Inclinometer measurement precision(1σ): ≤ 0.2°

         Azimuth keep time: 20min

4. Power supply requirement

4.1 Secondary power supply:

1. Voltage: Dc 12V±1v

2. Power Consumption:

Steady state: The working voltage of 12.0V is less than 12W

Transient state: The working voltage of 12.0V is not greater than 20W (startup time)

5. Reliability

Average failure time: MTBF > 5000h

6. Environmental suitability

    Meet the requirements of vibration impact environment and electromagnetic compatibility of shearer                                                  Vibration: amplitude(peak) 5.0g, frequency range 10Hz ~1000Hz, sweeping frequency speed: ≤ 1 oct/min                                        Shock: acceleration 20.0g, pulse duration (11±1)ms, half-sine wave

7. Transportability

    After packing, the products can be transported by rail, highway, sea and air.

If interested,pls contact us info@ericcointernational.com

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