Zhongyuan Project Breaks The Foreign Monopoly Of Profile Logger

“At the end of last year, our self-developed production profile logging tool for storage/direct reading horizontal Wells has passed the acceptance by the expert group of sinopec.”Recently, zhongyuan petroleum engineering companies geophysical well logging instrument research and development of security center, deputy director of the Guo Guomin told reporters that the tool is a successful design in our country with independent intellectual property rights were produced in the output section of horizontal well fluid imaging logging tool and portable surface logging system of form a complete set, broke the similar foreign instrument technology monopoly, fills the blank of the instrument in domestic, has formed two national patents.

Limited application

Output profile log data is an important window to understand the production status of production Wells. It is also the basis for dynamic analysis of production Wells and the basis for specifying the next improvement measures of production Wells.”With the increasing domestic efforts to develop oil and gas reservoirs with horizontal Wells, the existing output profile logging tool is limited by its structure and can only measure local data in the wellbore in horizontal Wells. The measurement result cannot truly reflect the fluid condition of the whole wellbore, which also limits the large-scale application of the existing instrument in horizontal Wells.Guo told reporters.

It is reported that the traditional single-probe output profile logging tool is suitable for near-vertical Wells, but the fluid flow characteristics in horizontal Wells are complex, which puts forward higher requirements for the output profile logging tool.In recent years, many logging instrument manufacturing companies in China have been actively investing in the development of multi-probe array output profile logging tool suitable for horizontal Wells.The price of similar instruments abroad is relatively high, even reaching 4.1 million us dollars a set.

“In terms of construction, the dynamic monitoring of shale gas production profile in horizontal Wells used to be monopolized by foreign companies,” guo said.And in some special cases, if they are not willing to construct, our gas well reconstruction measures will be blocked.

Meet difficulties and attack them

Since 2016, guo guomin and other members of the research group have undertaken the research project “development of output profile tester for horizontal gas Wells in storage/direct reading”.Although the complexity of the development had been fully considered in advance, the real depth of the subject, the difficulties or beyond their imagination.

“It is very difficult to develop a production profile tester for storage/direct reading horizontal gas Wells. The instrument structure, array multi-probe signal anti-interference long-distance transmission, signal acquisition and processing circuit, control software and other contents are very complex. This kind of instrument can be said to represent the highest level of output profile instrument.Guo said.

In order to solve the small diameter instrument of the space is little, probe, layout, more complex, as the team long Guo Guomin since instrument architecture and components CAD design, led the team in the way of measuring arm hinged, electric pushing on torque, increase instrument downhole operation adaptive security device to optimize and design the linear structure, makes the measuring arm when deviation can be real-time monitoring and display.In addition, how to quickly replace the probe during site construction is also a issue for users, for this reason, the research also optimized the 17 probe layout and the intensity of instrument and probe for balance of the space, on the basis of a lot of experimental data, and try to adopt independent structure and circuit tube each probe in the instrumentation, has a single probe field replacement.

Fill the domestic gap

“Similar foreign instruments are expensive and have technical protection.The completion of this project will break the monopoly of foreign instrument technology, bring innovation and efficiency to the company, and provide technical support for horizontal well dynamic monitoring for the oil and gas reservoir management of oil and gas companies.Guo guomin said happily.

Guo guomin introduced that through 3D conversion, model making and software simulation, the research group made repeated modifications and improvements to the design drawing, the working strength of the instrument met the requirements of coiled tubing conveying, and the measurement performance reached high standards, among which a number of innovations filled the gaps in China.Among them, the optical gas holding instrument developed by the research group replaces the traditional radioactive method to carry out safe and environmental protection construction, and realizes the complementary advantages of water holding and capacitance for fluid composition measurement.In storage/direct reading research on dual mode short section, team has completed the downhole instrument signal modulation and demodulation, using single-chip microcomputer and CPLD chip technology, the dc power supply on the single core cable, the measurement data upload and control command downward full-duplex bi-directional communication, downhole directly stored data format is unified, makes the instrument have no cable storage and have direct reading logging cable dual mode.In the development of supporting ground portable system, the research group strives to use software instead of hardware to realize various functions and achieve hardware miniaturization for convenient carrying and use.In addition, the production profile logging tool for horizontal Wells independently developed in China costs about 2 million yuan in hardware, and can save about 1.3 million yuan per well compared with similar foreign instruments.

Guo guomin introduced that at present, the prototype developed by them has passed the indoor calibration of three-phase flow and field well test, and all technical indicators have met the practical application requirements. The next step is to carry out the achievement transformation and promotion and application.

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