Yuanwang No. 6 Ship Assists Beidou III With Precise Measurement And Control On The Pacific Ocean

On the morning of the 23rd, my country successfully launched the last global networking satellite of Beidou-3. About 20 minutes after the Long March rocket took off, Yuanwang 6 in position in a predetermined sea area of the Pacific discovered and successfully captured the target in time, escorting the key actions such as rocket flight and successful satellite orbit.

It is understood that the entire sea measurement and control process lasted nearly 600 seconds. After the rocket flew to the Yuanwang 6 ship measurement and control range, the shipboard S-band microwave unified measurement and control system (USB) received the rocket remote measurement parameters for the first time, and promptly communicated with the Xichang Satellite Launch Center 1. The Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center exchanges information to provide an important basis for judging the flight status of the rocket. After that, the USB and pulse radar system simultaneously carried out the measurement and control work on the rocket, calculated and submitted high-precision telemetry and external measurement data in a timely and accurate manner, to ensure the key actions of the rocket three-stage secondary engine shutdown and star arrow separation.

During the mission, Yuanwang 6’s radar system has stable tracking, complete and effective data acquisition, correct information processing and exchange, stable operation of equipment hardware and software, and unimpeded communication links, which provides powerful measurement and control support for a series of key flight actions of satellites into orbit. Successfully completed this maritime measurement and control task.

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