Yuanwang No. 3 Ship Escorted Beidou Navigation Satellite Into Orbit

At 02:09 on June 25, China successfully launched the 46th Beidou navigation satellite with the Long March 3B carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. This is the 21st satellite of the Beidou III system and the second tilted geosynchronous orbit satellite.

Under the real-time monitoring of Yuanwang No. 3 ship, Beidou satellite entered the initial orbit according to the predetermined procedure, and successfully completed a series of actions such as orientation and posture adjustment. The rocket and satellite-related telemetry parameters and status were transmitted to the Xichang Satellite Launch Center and the Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center in real time through the Yuanwang 3 ship, ensuring the measurement and control of the rocket launch and satellite into the entire process.

From the satellite out of the horizon to the off-track, the entire sea monitoring and control process lasted about 9 minutes, providing measurement and control support for the rocket’s third-level secondary shutdown, star-and-arrow separation and other key actions, smoothly escorting the 46th Beidou navigation satellite into orbit.

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