Yuanwang 6 Escorted The Long March 8 Rocket On Its Maiden Flight

China’s new-generation reusable launch vehicle, the Long March 8, has successfully launched from the Country’s Wenchang space launch Site.About 10 minutes later, yuanwang 6, a vessel in an area of the Indian Ocean, detected and successfully captured the target, escorting the rocket flight, satellite orbit and other key movements.

The whole maritime tt&C process lasted about 14 minutes. After the rocket flew to the tt&C range of Yuanwang 6, the shipborne TT&C system indirectly received the telemetry parameters of the rocket at the first moment, and promptly exchanged information with Beijing Space Flight Control Center and Wenchang Launch Site, providing important basis for judging the flight status of the rocket.During the mission, yuanwang 6’s radar system tracked normally, with complete and effective data acquisition, timely information processing and exchange, stable operation of hardware and software, and smooth communication and information link, which provided powerful measurement and control support for many key flight actions.

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