Why Should Anti-man-machine System? Why Strengthen UAV Management?

The Chinese Air Force has set up a special detection and disposal of UAV troops. The article pointed out: In 2014, the United States, “Wall Street Journal” interview with a source said that China has about 80% of UAV flight activities without approval. China currently has about 100,000 private possession of unmanned aerial vehicles, China’s UAV industry is expected to be rapid development in the next decade.

There are 86 countries around the world “have a certain degree of UAV capability”. UAV ultra-high-speed flight, aerial hover, long flight and other technology, so that the potential threat to UAV surge.

Although the UAV has many functions for the benefit of mankind, but things have a dual nature. UAVs will also have negative effects: aerial photography will violate privacy, carry weapons systems, chemical toxic substances, explosives, can engage in terror, spy, smuggling, drug trafficking and other sabotage activities. Will interfere with military training; will interfere with the normal operation of civil aviation; will interfere with helicopter fire. Will interfere with large-scale event activities and endanger people’s safety.

UAV rapid development and disorderly management of the state of great harm, relying solely on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and restrictions on the use of conditions, can not avoid the risks and hazards of unmanned aerial vehicles. Can not be overlooked!

UAV has been widely used in all aspects of military and civilian, its heat has not been reduced. However, the negative effects of unmanned aerial vehicles have gradually surfaced, causing the attention of countries. Followed by anti-man-machinereports came into being.In short, anti-UAVresearch should refer to the agenda, worthy of research and innovation.

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