What Should I Do To Develop A Low-cost, High-performance Inertial Navigation System?

Develop low-cost and high-precision mems inertial navigation to meet the requirements of the autonomous automotive industry. In addition to mastering the high-precision MEMS device production line and its error calibration technology, the integration of inertial navigation and autonomous driving vehicle sensors and map information is improved. An important way to cost-effective POS systems.

MEMS inertial navigation

In addition, to be truly commercial in the field of autonomous driving, there are many practical situations to consider. Taking the products of our company (Beijing Haolang Technology Co., Ltd.) as an example, the installation relationship between the inertial guide installation position and the GNSS antenna installation position in the longitudinal and lateral directions of the vehicle, and the relative installation relationship between the inertial navigation and the actual turning center of the vehicle are considered. These are all automatically calibrated through detailed algorithms during vehicle motion, and the addition of such functionality can reduce the burden of system integration.

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